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Nada Es Imposible

or How you can never go home again. I start telling Diego about the taco place we need to visit before we have left Lexington city limits. Tasty Tacos, which is 675 miles away in Des Moines, was started over … Continue reading

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Is, of course, Scandinavian. And costs $280. But still, it is the most beautiful pot.

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Disco Ergo Sum

My friend pointed out that I hadn’t updated my Disco Ego Sum blog recently, but the only thing that I am learning on a daily basis these days is that people really suck sometimes and anyone who wants to can … Continue reading

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Mortar and Pestle and Mustard.

I’ve been trying my hand at making mustard and am reallystruggling with getting the mustard seeds to grind using my roommate’s immersion blender (even when using the nifty “food processor” attachment). What I really need is a decent mortar and … Continue reading

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Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

1. Cut the top off the pumpkin. Begin separating the seeds from the goo at this point and it will save you from going back through pounds of pumpkin guts (while your roommate is throwing pumpkin shavings at you for … Continue reading

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Blueberry Muffin Uprising.

I haven’t really craved a blueberry muffin in the last 17 years. I think it’s because so many places serve pastries that are baked and frozen elsewhere and then shipped, defrosted and sold to customers. For the last 17 years … Continue reading

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Thursday fun link: Horseradish

Warning: you are about to be flashed by a horseradish.

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Friday, a good day for Oysters

I am moving in a couple weeks and that means another housewarming party. I don’t want to have just any party either, I want an oyster bar. Thank goodness this is possible to throw together thanks to Island Creek Oysters. … Continue reading

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Salt: NaCl in a World of Flavors

I have a sinking feeling that many of my posts will start out, “So I was dating this guy who …. and he taught me about…” You’ll catch on pretty quick that they aren’t all the same guy, but at … Continue reading

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Warming the House: Cast Iron Grill

Cooking is required for eating, but cooking outside is fun. Our new place has a tiny deck in the back that we’ve decided can hold a grill. We currently have a round, frankenstein-ed, hand-me-down grill that will require cinder blocks … Continue reading

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Batter Blaster: Fun, Organic and Pancakes??

I don’t know if this happens much to others, but I have a habit of dating guys whose mothers I get along with, usually to the point that I end up missing them more than I do my ex-boyfriends. One … Continue reading

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Wish list with a purpose: Ample Harvest

Do you garden? Do you end up with way too many zucchinis and beans at the end of your harvest? Well instead of foisting them upon your unsuspecting neighbors and co-workers, you might consider donating your excess produce to an Ample Harvest … Continue reading

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