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Thursday Fun Post: Cheers!

Things to say while raising a glass: Cheers! I knew a few of them, but am always happy to learn more.

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Thursday fun link: the Sky

I can’t remember if I posted a link, and can’t check it due to’s interruption this week. There should be another post or two here, which will hopefully be restored once all the king’s horses and all the king’s … Continue reading

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Thursday fun link: IN SPACE

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Ever want to know how many people are living in space? Well now you can at Genius name, no? Today there are six people in space.

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Thursday fun post: Obama’s progress

This site answers the question “What has Obama done so far?” though it uses slightly different wording. Caution: PG-13 language I thought that was a nice answer to Dave Brockington’s post over at the Lawyers, Guns & Money blog (where they … Continue reading

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Thursday fun link, a little late: Is Mubarak still president?


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Do-Good Link:

Chrome for a Cause. Just by opening new tabs, you can help support (up to) five different charities: The Nature Conservancy, charity: water, Doctors Without Borders, Room to Read, and Un Techo para mi País.

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Know what’s cool?

newsmap is cool. It’s a visualization of Google News, organized by category, popularity and time.  Scroll over a story to see a quick blurb, click on it to read the whole article in a new tab. You can customize your … Continue reading

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The Perfect Five site

Do you enjoy finding new music, but don’t want to go looking for it? Hate to ask friends for recommendations for fear of appearing ignorant of current trends or past classics? Then look no further than The Perfect Five. Each … Continue reading

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How Does Your Love Song Go?

Here is a cute ad for It got me thinking, what would I sing? It’s appropriate for a dating site where you only get 100 words, or 500 characters,  or whatever, to define yourself. What would you say? I … Continue reading

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Thursday fun link: Horseradish

Warning: you are about to be flashed by a horseradish.

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Thursday fun link: Draw to Run

Hooray for creative bloggers! This runner/blogger/illustrator loves her Vibram Five Fingers, which only makes me want them more: Drawn to Run Used without permission, but with jealousy. 

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Thursday fun link: Help with presents

So even though I know what I want for my birthday (this year it was low-cut running socks) (seriously), I have four siblings’ birthdays that either just happened or are quickly approaching and am stumped.  They are grown-ups with houses … Continue reading

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Thursday fun link: Bring on da Funk!

I don’t know who created this, all I know is that it’s awesome: Bring on da funk! Bring on da nose harp!

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Thursday fun link: Is it Thursday?

In case you can’t keep track of what day it is:

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