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The Old-Man Look for iPhone

The problem: you are young and hip. You have fancy gadgets like the iPhone. You wish your iPhone was louder. You also want to appear old-fashioned but don’t want to purchase a record player or gramophone. Solution: the iPhone Speaker Horn … Continue reading

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The iPad: yes I want one

Should anyone be surprised that the iPad ($500) is on this wish list? I love Apple products, I want an e-reader and have been holding off purchasing a reader/iPod/smart phone. The product that I had been waiting on was cancelled so … Continue reading

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Headphones: What You Said

Okay, so I asked what you recommended for headphones: Within 24 hours, recommended Skullcandy Aviatar ($150), which seem awesome.  My friend over at Of Cider and Knitting Needles sent me some good stuff:  “I highly recommend Sony MDR-7506 headphones if you want … Continue reading

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Delicious Library is Tasty.

But Trish, you’re thinking, you talk about tasty things on Fridays! Well yes, but in this case an awesome piece of software also happens to be delicious. Delicious Library ($40) that is. I’ve been admiring this program for years, and it just … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Apple

Dear Apple,Hi. My name is Patricia and I am deeply in debt. I attended a pretty sweet university for undergrad and then picked up my Masters with the hope that soon I will get a job that will enable me … Continue reading

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