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MCFC in the FA Cup Final

“My” team is going to a cup final. I’m not sure how excited I should be. It isn’t USA or Brazil in the World Cup, it sure wasn’t Notre Dame for the March Madness Cup (go with it…), and it … Continue reading

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Football Championship of minor importance: Shirts.

When choosing a sports team, uniforms matter. I’ve always been fascinated by sports uniforms: the colors, the logos, etc. I’ve long been a fan of the blog Uni Watch and can’t wait to share pointless tidbits about my teams’ fashion. … Continue reading

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Squeaky Bum Time!

Well kids, it’s squeaky bum time. Here is lovely screen grab from ESPN to get you in the mood for this weekend’s derby.  I’m actually looking forward to getting up at 7:45 am on a Saturday. Also exciting: only two … Continue reading

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The Ails of Football

Becoming a fan of any team is a long and dangerous journey, and my early support for Manchester City is approaching it’s first obstacle.  Carlos Tevez, this seasons highest scorer for the Citizens, has requested a transfer from the team. While transfers … Continue reading

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Big Sports Weekend

I love weekends in October: college football, NFL football, playoff baseball, hockey, soccer and, if you are in Lexington, Kentucky, Keeneland fall races. With so going on, it can be hard to keep track of how my teams are doing. … Continue reading

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Choosing an EPL team

It happens every four years: Americans find that not only are they watching soccer for hours at a time, but that they actually enjoy it. Even after USA loses, they amaze themselves and watch the rest of the World Cup … Continue reading

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