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A bad sign for any team Please excuse the pun in the title, but the Columbus Crew scoreboard caught fire. We can all agree that Ohio’s professional teams are cursed, right? I mean, where does this even fall on a … Continue reading

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I can’t wait for Lance to do this

Charlie Davies went back and hugged all the people who helped save his life and made it possible for him to return to the soccer field:  Washington Post: Charlie Davies video

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A Glorious Invitation: into to Kenwick Fantasy Football

Welcome one, welcome all to the greatest fantasy league of all, but this is soccer, or footy, not your father’s football. You see before you a creation of true divine inspiration, a union more self-important than the United Nations. This … Continue reading

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Really, Blatter?

Gaff by the FIFA president Sepp Blatter doesn’t do much to improve soccer’s image as the least gay-friendly sport on the planet. While discussing the current laws in Qatar, including the illegality of homosexuality, Blatter had this gem of a … Continue reading

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The Fifth Official

sums up the weekend rather nicely. I’m still a bit hungover from the losses.

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Which of these things is not like the other one?

The Italian town of Castellammare di Stabia is considering a ban on miniskirts, low-cut tops, swearing and pick-up soccer from their town. Apparently it has something of an image problem and wants to come off as less trashy. That’s all … Continue reading

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Three Months Later…

The horror still hasn’t faded from our minds: Though when West Ham supporters start using vuvuzelas as a weapon, I will probably think better of them. Source

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Weekend Update

This was a good sports weekend: wins for Notre Dame, Manchester City, the Detroit Tigers (well, kinda) and me.  Not only did I beat the incredibly knowledgeable commissioner of my EPL fantasy league, but I score highest overall. That means … Continue reading

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Don’t be like this guy

I guess one of the reasons I’m writing this blog is in response to this guy. GuitarEarl is all for finding his own English Premier team, which is great.  It just seems he is going about it all wrong. He’s … Continue reading

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Choosing an EPL team

It happens every four years: Americans find that not only are they watching soccer for hours at a time, but that they actually enjoy it. Even after USA loses, they amaze themselves and watch the rest of the World Cup … Continue reading

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Soccer. Football. Rose?

This game by any other name would be just as beautiful. I will use these words fairly interchangeably. Get over it or quit reading.

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